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I haven’t done a book review before on this blog,which is ironic because I’m a huge book-worm.But,I’m a very impatient and picky reader too.So it’s also ironic of me to have read this book.I usually never read stories,I only read mostly self-help and memoirs.And this is far from that.

So,as a super impatient reader,I’m going to honestly review this book.


GENRE:Young adult or adult fiction(I’m not sure,tbh).

MAIN CHARACTERS:Wanderer,Melanie,Ian,Jared.

AUTHOR:Stephenie Meyer




Not completely awful,but not as good as Twilight was,in my opinion.

Let me explain why,after I brief the story.

So basically,the earth has been invaded by aliens who take over the souls of humans,which means humans can’t think for themselves in their body anymore.Melanie,a human who is in love with this dude called Jared,happens to be one of them.She is now host for this soul called “Wanderer”.But Melanie is so in love with Jared,that she can’t be completely silent even in the presence of another soul in her body.So she forces Wanderer to take her and herself to the place where Jared and a few other humans are hiding from the chaos.Wanderer is overwhelmed by the memories of Jared and falls in love with him too.No spoilers in here,so don’t worry:3



1.The story is stunning.It’s something that made me think,”why did I never think of this happening?This is genius!”

2.The characters are very interesting,and are easy to understand,get attached to,and differentiate between.

3.The story is legit.It isn’t some tiny scene dragged into a fat book.

4.The book is made into a movie,which I haven’t watched.But if you’re not into fat books and still want to know the story,you can watch the movie.

5.The descriptions of almost everything are beautiful.It’s one of those cliches that aren’t cringey.


1.The book consists of too much cliche.The words are too heavy,and there are too many depressing things happening.So if you’re one of those people who read books to chill in their free time,the story becomes too deep.

2.There are some parts in the story where the story is too dragged.It’s like,okay,i get it.Move on with the story already.

3.Things sometimes get monotonous.

I guess unless every single page of a fat book is interesting,I don’t get along well with fat books.Oh well.

But,let me know if you guys want more book reviews!Because my blog doesn’t have any specific genre.I blog about everything that I want to.

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Au Revoir<3



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3 replies on “An honest book review:The Host,by Stephenie Meyer.

  1. So, I would have read The Host if it weren’t for Meyers outburst after the whole Twilight era. She really was acting childish. I didn’t think she was a strong writer to begin with but the Twilight series was at the least, entertaining. I lost all interest in her after her public rant. I felt she took her Twilight fans for granted and handled the situation poorly.


      1. Yeah – when asked by Variety during an interview, she stated she “was so over” Twilight. Apparently it was a bad place for her to be in. And she went on that she wouldn’t rule out anymore future writings of Twilight but it will most likely be three paragraphs on her blog stating which character would die. Ouch! Spiteful! i’m not sure why the whole Twilight era went so sour for her and I won’t begin to even pretend I understand how it left a bad taste in her mouth. Perhaps she had every right to feel that way. But at the LEAST, she should have been more careful of how she worded it. A lot of fans were quite hurt by hearing her talk that way – when it was her fans which made Twilight a success. Bad PR. Meyer was still building her fame and that was not a smart career move.

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