Rainy day things


I just realized how much I love you guys and how much I love talking to y’all.It started raining this evening,and instantly I was like,”holy shize,I need to blog”.

By the way did you notice how it rained literally in the middle of freaking summer?Cool.

So here’s a few things I do during gloomy,rainy days when I just want to procrastinate.(spoiler alert-I do procrastinate)

1.Make coffee.Duh?

I usually never do this kinda cliche stuff,but,like,rainy days just scream coffee,right?

And also,coffee just makes any picture better,So take some aesthetic pictures for your Instagram(P.s. comment below your Instagram handles so I can stalk you thx).

But I don’t drink normal coffee with dairy cuz I’m VEGAN(that was a joke don’t come for my neck)(No I mean I really am vegan but the other thing was a joke)(I need a life)


2.Watch something useful.

I know,when it’s gloomy outside I always want to watch YouTube in bed and read YA.But now that you’re going to watch YouTube or Netflix,watch a documentary.Here are some options.

large (1)
  • A trip to unicorn island
  • Never say never by Justin Beiber
  • Burn the stage by BTS(If you’re not new to my blog you knew that was coming)
  • Nicculent(It’s my Youtube channel.I do self promo.I have no shame.thx bye)

3.Read a chill book.

download (3)

My current favorite books are:

download (2)

Really professional internet person,by JennXPenn.

images (1)

A work in progress,by Connor Franta.

4.Write a journal entry.

Are you a big journal person?I know I am.If you’re not,though,try it,It’s life changing.

To start with,have like a goal check or something.Write down all that you want to achieve this summer.Do it.And make those things happen.

download (4)

5.Get out of the house.

Who cares about the rain?It’s one life.Get out of the house.Chill around in the rain with your best friend or someone you love.Catch a cold,whatever.Go to a cute vintage cafe and talk to a stranger.We’re humans,we do stuff like that.


6.Make a music playlist of your current favorite music.

Comment down below your favorite song,I’d love to listen to it.

That’s all for today’s blog,the rain stopped now lol so BRB continue doing art.

source-my editing lol

Which is your current favorite blog?I really want some new blog recommendations!

I’m currently trying to reach my goals of 100 subscribers on my blog and my YouTube channel and I would love for you guys to help me out.Here are the links:



Au Revoir~

source-my digital art magic




Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

8 replies on “What to do on a rainy,gloomy day.

  1. I finally got my daughter to watch Burn the Stage Ep 4 last night. She wanted to but because she heard of the intense argument between Jin and Taehyung, she was a bit apprehensive. It made me realize how much I appreciated BTS for doing this documentary. My daughter always knew the reality is that they DO argue and that they aren’t always happy with everyone getting along all wonderfully. But it’s true what RM said in Ep 1 – they often show only the sunny side of who they are. It’s part of the k-pop world. Idols are trained to show perfection in more ways than one. Anyway – it just goes to show you, even though my daughter knew the reality of all the illusions of k-pop, she just wasn’t prepared to actually see it. And it’s been quite emotional for her – but it’s a side of the story that needs to be told. Good for BTS for having the balls to do it!


    1. It’s so cool that both you and your daughter are army’s,I wish my mom were an army too lol.Thankyou so much for supporting my blog,i see all the sweet comments.Whats your instagram handle?i’d love to have a conversation all about kpop lmao

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your blogs even more day by day as you be yourself more,and that makes you more relatable.Like when you mention stuff like #shamelessselfpromo and mention BTS burn the stage like lol “if you aren’t new to my blog then you knew that was coming”,those things are hilarious.Makes your blog unique,those are very nicculent type thingies.
    I look forward to reading your new blogs🔮


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