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Do you ever feel like,”Eh,why am I even working this hard when I can be out partying?”,or,”I’m so fudjing unmotivated right now.How long will this last?I have work to do.”.

I hope someone out there does lol because I honestly feel like an alien.Thank you guys so much for sending love and support after my last blog-post where I explained that being so addicted to work has kind of put me in a rut.

That day,I realized how stupid I was to be doing so much at one time.Can you believe it when I say that I hadn’t given myself a day off for six months straight?As soon as my high school finals got over(which I obviously had been studying day and night for),without a break,I  immediately got super busy with other work.

You need a break!Hell,even your phone needs a break!

So I decided to take one day off,where I literally just deliberately did nothing.It was a glorious day.I watched YouTube ALL DAY.It was magical.(lmao)

And now I’m pretty ready to start all over.Except with some changes.

So,how to get over this unmotivated,uninspired,”eh I just wanna do nothing although I have a shit ton of work” mood?


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Before you even start making changes in your time-table or whatever,shut everything down and take a day or two OFF.And when I say off,I mean OFF.purposedly doing absolutely nothing but chilling around,doing stuff that requires really less energy,or brain-power.

Here are some ways that I take breaks(these things work for me,but might not necessarily work for you.)

A.Watch YouTube all day lol,need I say more?

B.Read a good book.

C.Do art.This is coming from an artist.When I’m doing art,there’s no problem.there’s no wrong or right.It’s just me,and my art.It’s the kind of dreamy,care-free vibe that I live for.

D.Get out of the house.Check new places out.You don’t even have to buy anything.Just get out and get some earth.


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I know,when you’re feeling low,chocolate seems to be the first and fool-proof solution.It makes you feel better or whatever.But eating something to distract yourself isn’t going to get you the solution.Don’t make food your getaway.

You’re probably thinking,”easier said than done”.Here are some alternatives to instantly make you feel better.

A.Journaling.Write down,I mean,DUMP your thoughts into that damn journal,and then write down solutions to the problems that you just listed.It works.I’ve been doing it for years.

b.Exercise.It gives the same kind of high that food gives.It really does.


Listen to music that gives you eargasms.

No,you read that wrong.I said EARgasms,ya nasty.


Get out of a rut.png

What to do then?

External motivation.Here are some sources of motivation that you can check out that will for sure help.Like,with at least one of these,you’ll end and be like,”holy shiz,I’m ready to take on the world.”

A.How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh.

Okay honestly,no matter whether you’re in a rut or not,everyone needs to read this book.

B.Burn the stage by BTS(sorry not sorry)

The first episode is free.Why not get some free motivation?


Get out of a rut.png

(Only if you turn your english captions on,because all of these are KPOP)

A.Agust D by Suga

B.Hello bitches by CL

C.Dope by BTS

D.Cypher by the rap-line of BTS.

E.Tomorrow by BTS


Get out of a rut.png

Thanks so much for reading till the end if you did,I hope it helped someone out.I love you guys.


How much is your phone battery right now?

Au Revoir<3

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Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

4 replies on “5 ways to get motivated/get out of a rut.

  1. Loved it. Journaling and having deep c conversations with individuals are my fav. You just feel so light and motivated afterward. Keep up the good work. To answer your question, my phone battery is currently at 60%. xo


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