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Welcome to a book review written by someone who never paid attention in English class back in school and has no idea how to write book reviews.

But I guess not knowing the formal pattern of book reviews just makes it that much more honest,isn’t it?

To answer the question in the title,Yes.YES.Everyone,EVERYONE needs to read this book.It’s a life changer.

GENRE-self help,YouTubers’ books

RATING-100/5(not exaggerating one bit)

MESSAGE-A guide to surviving  conquering life.

I tried to make up some negative things about this book,but it’s just not possible.It’s the shiz,you know.

So,why is it so worth reading?

large (2)

1.The graphics.

If you’re an impatient reader who gets intimidated by fat books,this book is for you.The graphics in this book make it feel like you aren’t reading much,when in reality there’s a crap ton of information in it.You can almost see how hard she has worked on making the colors and the pictures,the quotes in this book cool.

Speaking of which,


I’m not talking about fluffy quotes like “aim for the moon,you’ll land among stars” and stuff like that.I’m talking real ass quotes that she made herself,that you can cut and put on your vision board,wall,journal.,wherever you can see so that you’re reminded of it everyday.

3.There’s a LOT of info.

This is probably a bad thing if you’re a lazy reader and prefer fiction to self help,but reading self help books requires a little extra brain power in general.But it’s a good thing,because every single page,and chapter is useful and worth the time and money you put into reading it.

4.She has made things easier for us.

Although there’s a ton of info in here,she has divided the whole book into 4 parts.They are:

A.Master your mind-Where you learn how to start off with this”work-hard” lifestyle,by warming up,kind of.

B.Hustle harder-Where the real shiz starts.No sugar-coating,everything is hard to accept and as real as can be,which I’m happy about.

C.Make heads turn-Where she talks about how a Bawse acts in general,like being down to earth and stuff,which is apparently as important as working hard.

D.Be a unicorn-I’ll leave that part for you to figure out.

5.Out of the blue

After every chapter or two,she has this “out of the blue” thing where on one side of the page,she has a diary entry of her in the past,20 years ago,when she was depressed.

The other side of the page has a diary entry of her in the current moment,being excited about the future and proud of how far she has come.

If you’re going through something,you’d know that that thing gets in your way when you’re trying to achieve stuff.After reading this part,you’ll understand that she has been through the same stuff.She got out of it.She became superwoman.

I also have a book review in a video form up on my YouTube channel.Check it out?

Thanks for reading fam,let me know if y’all are liking these book reviews so far.

I’m trying to reach a 100 subscribers on my youtube channel and this blog.I’d love for you guys to help me out.



source-my editing lol

Which is the last book you read?

Au Revoir<3

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