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There.You probably guessed it.I had planned to schedule a blog-post today,and of all the other days,I had to have a writers’ block today.Cool.Thanks,brain.

As if an artists’ block wasn’t enough.

But just then,I thought,”I’m definitely not the only person in the world right now with a writers’ or art block”.And I’m sure I was right.

So I thought,why not take this time to actually write a blog-post helping someone else with a block out.I’m not prepared whatsoever,and I’m just going to think as I write.

1.Morning/Night routine

These things are seriously the most fun thing to watch or read.It’s weird.I don’t know what it is about them.

2.A rant

The rant world is beautiful.A place where every blogger is honest and raw.Literally pick up any topic and just write write write.I mean, rant rant rant.

3.Start a blogger recognition tag!

Go on a hunt in the search box,find some cool bloggers, and nominate them for a bloggers’ recognition award.Sorted.

4.A how-to.

It could be anything.A tutorial,a DIY,a more abstract how-to,like “how to deal with….”, etc.

5.Your top-10s

6.Things to do on…(a sunny day,in summer,when you’re bored, etc.)

7.A collection of your recents.

For example,recent books you’ve read,recent movies you watched,recent artwork you created, the list goes on and on.

8.Your favorites.

Monthly favorites,if you’re a lifestyle blogger-favorite products, favorite Netflix series, or favorite bloggers.

9.”Meet the blogger”

A blog dedicated to supporting a blog that you recently fell in love with.

10.Write a letter to your younger self or future self.

11.What to do when…………….(fill the blank for yourself)

12.Write a letter to your idol.

Wait.This actually gives me a cool idea.Would you guys like to read a cringey cliche letter that I wrote to my KPOP bias,Kim Taehyung?(I haven’t written it yet but it sounds like a fun idea lol,BRB try it)

13.Write a poem.

Even if you suck at writing poems,just make random stuff up.

Like,glass jar with a sock in it.What was that?No.Don’t listen to my advice when it comes to this,I don’t remember a thing of what was taught in English class back in school.

But i hope you get the point.Or do you?

14.Write fan-fiction.

In fact, go full-on and write your own fan-fiction series.And send it to me lol I’d love to read fan-fictions that y’all wrote of your idol,whoever that is.

15.Write about someone you love.

16.Do a review.

On anything-books, a software, a product, anything.

17.Write about a struggle.

Write about something you’ve been through,and who knows?Maybe you’ll end up helping someone with their own struggle.

That’s what we bloggers do.

Bloggers are the nicest people I’ve met on the internet so far.

Speaking of which,

18.Ask a fellow blogger if they want to collab!

Collabing is the best way to get rid of any block,I think.Because when the passion for blogging doubles up,ideas start to flow.Especially when there’s more than one person writing something.

19.Narrate a cringey story.

Narrate something embarrassing you did back in middle school.

20.Write your own version of this blog-post.


Thank you guys for reading, I hope it helped:)

source-my editing lol

What was the last thing you did before getting onto WordPress?

Before saying bye,I would love for you to help me out.I’m trying to get to 100 subscribers on YouTube and a 100 followers on this blog.The links are right here.I won’t disappoint you!



Love you guys,Au Revoir<3

source-my digital art magic
Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

2 replies on “20 UNIQUE blog-post IDEAS for when you have writers’ block.

  1. I’ve been dreaming of attending Kyoto Seika University for a while now,and guess what? I wrote my first mail to them just before getting on to wordpress:)
    Super excited!

    Keep up the blog work it’s lit hehe

    Liked by 1 person

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