It’s so ironic that I’m writing this blog-post,because I’m that one person who has the most ridiculous fears.I’m not talking about fears of lizards,that’s normal.

I’m talking-fears of circles,fears of sleepovers,and fears of butterflies.Yup.

But I have had a ton of actual,real fears that I have worked on.And I got rid of most of them.The thing about fears is, everyone,deep down,knows exactly how to get rid of them.They just don’t know it.

You’re probably thinking,”Nika,What are you talking about?If I knew how to get rid of my fears,I would have already been rid of them”.

No.Hear me out.

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The only way to get rid of your fears is to face them.

Are you trying to tell me that you didn’t know this?Of course you did.

Why then,does our mind convince us that we’re confused and don’t know how to handle it?I don’t know.I’m not a professional.But I think that it’s because we’re scared.

Okay,now let’s get down to the real info.How you do “face” your fears?

You already know the answer.Just go and do that thing.

But I’m not here to only tell you to “go for it”.I’m going to tell you HOW to “go for it”.

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Some easy ways to face your fears that have worked for me are:

1.Talk to your fear.

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Like,in your mind.You don’t want to be called crazy when you’re not lol

Talk to your fear as if it’s a different person.

For example,I was crap scared of getting out of the house(a whole another story). When I decided to talk to my anxious self,this is how it went.

Imagine me ready to get out of the house.

Anxiety:You can’t get out of the house.


Anxiety:You’ll never know when something bad happens.Be safe.

Me:Are you sure of that?


Me :And what if something good happens?


See?It makes things easier.Because now you know that your fear isn’t YOU.

2.Create an “Ideal identity”, or an ‘Alter ego”.

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I figured out my alter ego, or my ideal identity not that long ago.I’m still trying to figure it out.It doesn’t have to be a whole different person.

Like,when Lilly Singh(if you don’t know her,you’re majorly missing out in life) was depressed,she created “Superwoman”, someone she wanted to be.She kept calling herself that.”Superwoman is stronger and smarter than Lilly Singh”,she kept telling herself.She started living like superwoman.She started calling herself by that name on the internet.

Eventually,she became superwoman.

Now everyone knows her as superwoman more than her real name.

Once I figure out mine,I’m sure I’ll write a blog-post on it.

3.Talk to someone who has already destroyed the same fear that you have.

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Reassurance.That’s what it does.

When you actually finally get rid of your fear,you’ll realize how tiny and easy it was.

It’s all in the head.



What’s your biggest fear?

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Au Revoir<3

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21 replies on “The one way to deal with ALL your fears.

  1. I have always been afraid of the dark. Sleeping in the dark and sleeping alone as long as i can remember. I can’t sleep without having all lights in my room on. I can’t walk into a dark place either. I feel darkness is evil and i imagine scary things that happen in movies. I’m disappointed to say i am still not over it yet but i am a work-in-progress. At least, now i can sleep alone without having to stay wide awake all night cos there is no one beside me…lol

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  2. Hello Nicculent,

    You surprised me with this post because this is actually some good advice, and a good combination of things to try when trying to deal with our fears.

    I can actually apply some of this in my life.

    I am not exactly sure what my biggest fear is, I do know that my biggest fears come from my untreated social anxiety disorder / generalized anxiety disorder, but if I had to make a guess then maybe Rejection would be the possible underlying main fear that is probably mostly subconscious for me and possibly goes back to a combination of me possibly being born more shy / introverted / et cetera (genetics) and how I was raised (environment) and one or more early events in my life that were traumatic (trauma) for me like one that I blogged about called The Horror! The Horror! (https://johnjronline.wordpress.com/2017/02/07/the-horror-the-horror/) which might not sound so bad to others but it was a big deal for me at that age and what happened that day still impacts me until this day.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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  3. Love your stream of consciousness writing style.

    I agree that talking to your fears is a great way to face them. I will go as far to say that at times I talk out loud to myself when I’m driving. A 45 minutes commute to work is a great time to figure stuff out lol. Hopefully the other people on the road just think I’m on a bluetooth phone call…

    It also helps to talk to other people since it can be so hard to see a different perspective on things when you’re inside your own head.

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