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NOTE:This blog-post is for a guest-post on Wonderwall360‘s blog.Thank you for allowing me to write a guest-post!For those of you guys who haven’t heard of this blog,check it out,I’m sure you’ll love it.

So,the topic of this guest-post was to be anything career related,and about struggles of having a specific career.Basically,about how some careers are not what you think they are.

Now,I definitely don’t consider myself an established blogger or photographer,I’ve just started this blog,my YouTube channel recently,and started taking my Instagram handle seriously very recently.Heck,I don’t even have 500 established subscribers yet!

But as much as I’m crap afraid of saying this,I’m saying it:

I want to be a blogger.

It’s scary to say that out on the internet.

This is where I feel my best,I have never had camera-shyness,EVER,I love what I’m doing, but one thing is for sure.

No matter how hard it’s going to be to build my personal brand in this kind of a crazy competition here on the internet,

This is what I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little 10 year old.

So the other day,I took my best friend out and begged her to have a photo-shoot with me(If she’s reading this she’s totally cringing right now).Thankfully,she enjoys taking pictures now,so she agreed.And we came across a ton of funny situations that I thought probably happen to some photographers or bloggers.

There’s a long list in my mind when it comes to this,but as of now,let’s go with 5.


So you want to take a Tumblr picture in a cute cafe?

Me too.


So the other day,we went into a cool cafe for a photo-shoot.As soon as we went into it,we realized,”holy shit,dude.This place is high-end”.We didn’t want to necessarily buy anything there,but we didn’t want to pay for being there either.

What did we do?(spoiler alert-It worked)

We went into it,acting casual,asked for the menus,and told the guy there that a friend was supposed to come,that we were waiting for her,and that if she didn’t show up,we would have to leave.

Yes,there was no friend coming,it was all faked lol

We took our photos,did our stuff,and then once we were done, one of us pretended to get a call from that friend.We pretended to be worried,and did that typical fast-walk-cuz-in-trouble thing,and got out of the place.

The guy believed us.We got our pictures.We uploaded them on Instagram.Deal done.


The following is a real conversation.

DSC01339 - Copy (2)

*me posing outdoors and my friend taking a picture of me*


Me:*stops posing*What!

Friend:There’s a weird insect on your skirt!

Me:*screams at an insane volume*

At that moment,three guys who were peacefully studying,listening to music in the same are,got traumatized and got the hell outta there.

Oh well,but we got our pictures.


So as an amateur blogger who cares about her Instagram feed,I tend to ask my friends to take pictures of me all the time.And everything is good,except for one thing.

I can’t pose to save my life.


This is a real coversation between me and a friend who was taking pictures of me.

Me:What do I do?What do I do?

Friend:Wait,wait.I’ll tell you.*finds an angle that hides my double-chin*




:That looks fake.Bigger smile.

:No nonono!That makes you look like Freddy.Okay,show your teeth maybe.

:No not that much!

:Okay let’s do a serious but hot look.Glare at the camera.

:No!You look angry!

:Show sass!

:No!You look like you’re about to cry!

:Okay let’s do a close-up.

:*zooms in* Oh shit,nevermind.Bad idea.

I’m literally the most awkward poser,like,ever.Fashion blogging is NOT my thing,lol.





SEO is like an annoying Ex.You never understand it till you do,and it takes a ton of time to get the hang of it.But you want it in your life.

Do I even need to explain this?If you’re a regular blogger,I hope you can relate to my misery.

P.s.SEO is not the same as CEO.You’re welcome.Even I’m kind of shook by that.


Having proper blog promotion skills.

This includes making good Pinterest graphics to promote your blog,being that annoying person on Instagram who always talks about their blog in every caption,maybe even starting a YouTube channel to grow your audience,

The struggle is real.

But so worth it.And SO enjoyable.

That’s pretty-much it for today’s blog,I hope this blog gets selected for the guest-post lol,that was the whole point of it.

Ice Cream Party

What’s one thing that annoys you, about your career?

If you want to read more of such blog-posts,let me know in the comments,because y’all know,ranting is my thing.Follow my blog if you want to read more of my blog-posts in the future,because I blog every other day.

As usual,check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t,and follow me on Instagram.

INSTAGRAM:  nicculent


Love you,Au Revoir!<3

source-my digital art magic


Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

8 replies on “The REALITIES of being a BLOGGER/photographer.(GUEST POST)

  1. I don’t mind you calling your friends by their real name,or by their relationship with you,I prefer it in fact.I still laughed reading all content😂😂💪🏼
    One thought would be,even though we struggle it’s still so much fun and we love what we do so,more memories like that insect and your sad acting skills are created as well,let’s create more tactics to escape in public after pics and all

    Annoying existances in career include art block,art block,and art block

    Liked by 1 person

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