Have you ever done something that made you think, “Holy shit,I could do this forever” ?

No,ya nasty.That’s not what I’m talking about.I’m talking about creating something with all your creativity.

Nevermind.That sounded even worse.But you get the point,right?

Now,I know that most of you guys have a passion for blogging.

These are some things that you must have experienced if you have a passion for something.Or when you are close to discovering your passion.

Because I believe that everyone has an “Ikigai(japanese word for purpose,shoutout to my mom who teaches me random japanese words here and there)” ,or a passion.

I can’t say, that in the 16 years that I’ve lived, I have found my “purpose”.Too cliche.But I have for sure found some of my biggest passions.

Here are 10 signs that you are close to figuring yours out.


superthumb (5).jpg

You stop thinking pessimistically, and start naturally getting more excited about the future rather than worried.

Speaking of future,


superthumb (7)

You are no longer worried about success,money,or fame.You probably still desire all of those things.But you no longer do something “just for the money” and such.If you do something,it’s because you truly love it.Because,


You have slowly started to understand the importance of time,and you feel there’s too little time and too many amazing things to do.


superthumb (2).jpg

You have a never-ending thirst for people who have similar interests as you.For people who you can relate to.For people who get you.


You are more scared of accepting what you want to be in the future than you were, because everything you want to be in the future is what you really desire.And your goals scare you a little, because


superthumb (4).jpg

You believe in yourself and are no longer afraid of dreaming big.You no longer make excuses like “I don’t have time” or “I’m too lazy”.You get shit done.


You have found one thing that gives you the kind of high that a good workout does.The thing that you can’t stop doing once you stop.The thing that makes you lose track of time and space,and the thing that you get completely lost in.



You constantly work on getting better at a particular thing,and you enjoy learning new things.


You now trust your gut feeling,or your intuition. Because you have realized that your intuition has taken you places and given you interests that you cherish.


superthumb (3)

When you talk about your interests or that thing that you love(your passion),you get excited like never before,with a shine in your eyes.And you could talk about your passion forever.

Do you ever experience any of the above for something?

Hold on to it,because that’s probably your passion.

Ice Cream Party

What is YOUR favorite thing to do(passion)?When did you figure it out?

Thank you for reading,let me know if you want more of such blog-posts because I have a ton of such ideas that I’d love to turn into blog-posts!Thank you again to everyone who checked my YouTube channel out,we’re now close to 150 subscribers.I appreciate it.

I would love to start a conversation,so check out my Instagram!




Au Revoir<3

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I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

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