HI!I’m Nika.Nice to meet you.Thanks for reading<3

So,I’ve been a KPOP person for almost a year now.And let’s just say-things escalated REAL quick.My lipido has gone bonkers since the first time I watched a KPOP music video.

So,since I don’t share my “monthly faves” with you guys like any other lifestyle blogger(because I’m really bad at girly things),I decided to share my favorite music of the month with you.


Singularity by Kim Taehyung of BTS.

This man needs to have a shrine for himself.Because he is ART.


Don’t recall by K.A.R.D

Do you like a little bit of EDM with your KPOP?

Ya girl loves a good drop.


Are you feeling low and need a little bit of motivation or reassurance?

Watch this music video with the English captions on.


IU is adorable.Period.


If you know KPOP,you BEST know this song huni.


Another good drop,along with some chill looking men.


A new band.Cool bois.


Monster by EXO.



My all time favorite rap to jam to when I need that extra motivation.

Ice Cream Party

Which is your current favorite song?It doesn’t have to be KPOP!

Thank you for reading!

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Au Revoir<3

source-my digital art magic


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I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

3 replies on “You will NOT think the same about KPOP after listening to these songs.(monthly jam list)

  1. My current favorite song? Can I cheat a little bit? Just a little? 😛 I ask because recently I talked briefly about Mamamoo when talking about recent songs I’ve been listening to, and it got me looking up their older songs again. And lately I can’t stop listening to their song called “Piano Man.” It’s so good.

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  2. Two weeks ago, it was Stray Kid’s District 9. A week ago, I went back to Stay with Me (Yeol & PUNCH). This week, it’s difficult to listen to anything but Taehyung’s sultry and soulful voice in Singularity. Every time I listen to it it gets better. It’s like fine red wine aging towards an even fuller body and exquisite taste.

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