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Now, let’s get to the point of this blog-post.

I’m known, among my friends’ circle, as the workaholic(yes, although I’m still a student) who’s always either too excited, too stressed, or too anxious about things.I also find sleep really boring.There’s always so many things to do, so many new things to learn and try out, and so little time.

I’m always doing something that needs brain-power, or physical strength.And I’m always really hyped up.Seriously.I’m always hyped up.

But that also means that with spending so much energy everyday, I get burned out quite often.And it’s not cute.I hate that feeling of no motivation and the urge to procrastinate.

Here are 10 signs that you probably need to chill and take it easy.

1)You get tired more often than before.


Do you see yourself skipping class or work more often than before?Do you get exhausted, or snap at people more?If yes, you should probably take a breather and watch some Netflix or something.You need a break.

2)You crave stuff more often.



This is a huge indicator that you’re stressed.Look, I’m not going to get into the scientific side of this, but trust me, this is completely true.When you’re doing too much or when you’re stressed, your body craves certain kinds of food a lot more.

3)You have a hard time concentrating.

Whenever I can’t concentrate on the things that I love, like art or French, I know that I need a break from that thing.If you’re going through this, try doing something else.Pick up a new hobby.I’m an artist, but this is not biased.If you’re stressed, do art.Do anything creative, and you’ll feel better.

4)Lack of motivation or inspiration.


I hate it when I have planned my whole week before-hand and the first 3 or 4 days go well, and then on Thursday, I feel an annoying lack motivation and feel all lazy.But your body is trying to tell you something.It’s asking you to take a break.

5)You feel overwhelmed at little things and life feels out-of-control.

Self-explanatory.If your regular timetable feels like too much to you, or things feel like they’re out of your control, there’s nothing really wrong with your life.It’s just that you need a break.

6)You feel a lack of social contact.


Whenever I’m stressed out, I call a friend.Any friend.And I instantly feel better.

7)You’re getting impatient.

Whether it’s about how life’s treating you, or your behaviour, if people tell you that you’re being impatient or cranky, you probably are.

8)You’re breaking out.


Acne is so annoying. But I’ve learned that only working out, drinking a lot of water, and eating healthy doesn’t help.I also need to chill every once in while, maybe sleep in, or take a break.

Do you see any of these signs in your behaviour?It probably means you’re stressed out.

Read this blog-post to know how to get out of a rut/get motivated.

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17 replies on “Signs that you’re burned out/stressed out and NEED a break.(COLLAB WITH @didyouknowthesefacts)

  1. I can identify with a lot of this. I too am somewhat of a workaholic. I’m trying to replace bad habits with positive ones. Instead of eating junk food when I’m stressed I try and go to the gym instead and have a really good workout! It seems to be working

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  2. Ohhhhh this was a great one! I’ve been there and back when it comes to being stressed over school, work, family. I usually become an anti-social, pig-eating, hermit who hisses at me on the slightest infraction. Once I realize In this kind of a state I reevaluate my priorities and find ways that work for me in relaxing

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