large.jpgHey bloggers/readers!I’m Nika, and you look great today.

I’ve currently been reading a lot of “goals” blog-posts, and it inspired me to write my own.

I wrote my summer goals 2k18 last month,but I achieved those goals before summer ended.So that means, I get to plan out more goals!

Here are some things I planned for June:


Get to 250 subscribers by the end of June(currently at 210).

save the dat

1.Get to 225 followers by the end of June.

2.Categorize my blog-posts and make things easy for readers.


Post pictures regularly(I’m SO bad at this,it’s not even real.)


1.FRENCH: Study for my second diploma exam.

2.Continue working out every day

3.Finish working on a secret project.

That’s pretty-much it for this month’s goals.

What are YOUR goals for this month?

I’ll see you in another blog-post, follow my blog so you don’t miss any blog-posts!

And thank you so much for your positivity on my blog-post about my anorexia relapse.It really means a lot.




Au Revoir<3

source-my digital art magic



Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

28 replies on “June GOALS 2k18-Blogging,YouTube,French,etc.

  1. 1 make a friend in real life
    2. Post blogs that get more engagement
    3. Work on my blogs organization (post wise.. put each in categories)
    4. SEE MY THERAPIST my sleep pattern is off and when it’s off I get scared.. I have very bad social anxiety and I have a lot coming up
    (Going back to school for to pursue journalism, working full time and blogging full time) so therapy is NECESSARY lol
    5. Go to one event a week to blog about.

    That’s it just really focusing on mental organization and blog organization lol great post I love your blog!

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog,and I completely understand you when it comes to the anxiety.I have it too,just not as bad as it was earlier.I hope you accomplish all your goals planned,and I love your blog too!

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  2. Great posts! The only thing I could recommend is when writing your blogs have a look at what the layout looks like on phone, it looks great but a bit mixed. Nothing major but that’s the only thing I could find as everything was great! 💛

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  3. Nice goals! I struggle with pictures too! Next month I might try to start integrating more of my own book photos into my socials.

    And good luck with French! I was juggling Spanish and German at the beginning of the year and want to get back into it. Just waiting for the motivation, as I’m not in school or anything. Just got to do it at some point!

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  4. Hi! Thank you so much for following my blog! After reading this post I think you are a blog that I need in my corner. It sounds like you are kicking ass this year.

    My goals are to have a successful trip to NJ, lose 5 pounds, make another blog post this month, have a good productive month at my job, and register for my classes this fall (I have been wanting to learn French for a few years now—-maybe learn a word a week to start off slow? But I’m a psych major lol. Any who great post!

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  5. French! I got that on my list. I’m learning it for someone. 🙂
    It was my second language back then but can’t remember anything that I learned. Nice post.

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