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Hi blogger/reader!I’m Nika, and you look cute AF today.

Let me start off this blog-post with a tiny backstory.

The other night, I was in a bad mood.I decided to check my blog comments,

and all of my sadness suddenly went away.My blog notifications were flooded with a ton of supportive,sweet, amazing comments.

~the end~

It was honestly one of my best decisions to start this blog.I know,this blog is hardly big at all,but I can’t wait to grow us even more by the day.

I remember starting this blog in November,being in a really bad place.I wanted some way out, so I started this blog kind of as an online diary.I never wanted to necessarily grow it.

I wrote my first blog-post, and then a few random people somehow read it and asked me to continue.So I did.

Fast forward to three months later,I have almost 200 amazing people who read my blog,relate to my struggles, and always support me when I talk about a problem.

So, I decided to give some of you guys a shoutout. Some of you who have supported me, and others whose blogs that I found and want to share.Either way, you bloggers are the best.

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Maybe it’s because she’s a mom(a wonderful one may I add) and I’m still 16 so she’s way wiser than me, but she’s the most understanding and supportive person I’ve met on WordPress.I love her blog too.She blogs about her love for KPOP, which I share.


I found her wayyy before I even started blogging, and I love how much effort she puts into her blog, photos, and everything.She’s super sweet too.

3.Damn girl, get your shit together.

I LOVE her blog.Period.

Her blog has grown so freaking fast, and she totally deserves it.She’s super honest-It takes a lot of courage to swear publicly on the internet,and she does it like a badass.Love it.Her advice actually matters, and the way she writes is hilarious and super stress-relieving.


I just recently found her blog, and her blog gives me this DGGYST vibe.She seems like a really understanding big sister, by her way of writing.Her posts are hilarious, helpful, to the point, and all things great.She honestly deserves a thousand more followers.Go check her blog out,guys!

5.Artemisa’s art

Y’all know how much I love art, I’m an amateur artist.This blog is full of awesome art, and she’s adorable and super sweet as a person too.

Thank you to everyone who read my blog!You guys deserve the universe.

Follow my blog for more awesome stuff.



Au Revoir<3




Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

33 replies on “You guys are THE bomb.

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! So glad we’ve found each other’s blog. Forever crying and making jokes to deflect our realty together Bahahah

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  2. First of all congratulations..💐🙏👏
    And secondly, I’m very glad that you decided to blog.. Or else we would have lacked such a sunshine in our lives..😘
    Stay happy always dear!
    And whenever again you have that ‘bad mood’ remember, we all have bad days, but one thing is true; no cloud is so dark, that the sun can’t shine through!!🌅

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      1. Yeah.. I recently made one..
        It’s exclusively for all my wp friends. And I’m soon gonna a post to inform all my friends here..
        Anyways, it is @awpblogger

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