“Looks like Nika’s trying too hard to up her S.E.O game.”

Hi blogger/reader!I’m Nika, and you look cute AF today.

Do you want to earn a little extra cash just by being online and putting a little bit of extra work?If yes,keep reading.


You guys know by now that I blog and have a YouTube channel.But did you know,that I actually want to pursue social media management, and that I’ve been teaching myself a lot of social media hacks lately?

My blog and YouTube channel are always going to be alive.But my main purpose is to help others up their social media game.

So, although I’m not old enough to go to college(which is where I’ll hopefully be able to study social media), and although I’ve only been teaching myself as of now, I’ve done quite a lot of research.

So, why not blog about some things I learned?

I’ve been reading this book currently:


This book really made me aware of some of the millions of ways that we can earn on social media.

I won’t go into major detail, I’ll keep that for my future blog-posts.But here are some ways that will help you earn money off of social media.

what the actual fuck is going on bitch

The other day, I attended one of Melyssa Griffin’s free webinars online.That’s where I learnt about the power of online courses.

Start a blog.Grow it.Create an online course.It could be about ANYTHING.Literally.Promote it.Sell it.Make dollars.

No, this is wayyyy harder than what I just made it look, but do you get the point?

What I’m trying to say is that “blogging” isn’t all that there is to blogging.There are a ton of sneaky ways that your blog can help you earn money which don’t even include monetizing the blog itself.

That leads me to:

please happen.png

This is something I’ve been hesitant to do.Buying your own blog domain.Putting dollars into your blog. I’ve heard from some of my fellow bloggers that no matter how small your blog,if you’re damn sure that this is something you want to do for the rest of your life,buy your own domain honey!

There’s nothing wrong with investing in something you love.


I know what you’re thinking.But just read,okay?

Look, there are a ton of YouTubing strategies out there.You don’t have to become a lifestyle blogger.Have you heard of these channels?

A.Bright side

B.Top 10 Trends

These guys didn’t even show their face in their videos.And their channels still blew up.It’s all about the correct strategies.This is something I want to go into more detail about, so I’ll continue with this in a future blog-post.


Yes, Wattpad writers earn if they’re big and dedicated enough!

Wattpad is a free app where you can read stories written by people like you and me.

How cool is it to invest in your passion for writing, work hard enough utilising a free app to its best, and to be able to earn through it?

online survey the fuck up

Sites like and  allow you to take free surveys about products and services to help them improve, and you earn your cash in return.

Broke millenial’s survival kit much?



Before my mom had a legit job, when she was just a few years older than I currently am, she was an online Japanese translator.Do you know a foreign language, or any language at all?

Freelance translation is the shit.


This is really common, and most of the times is free too.

Etsy, and tons of other websites allow you to literally set up your online shop without paying hundreds of dollars and have made setting up shops really easy.

You just need creativity,  an idea, and tons of time and energy to invest into your project, of course.

That’s pretty-much it for today’s blog-post.

I keep teaching myself on this topic, and sharing with you what I’ve learnt.Because,you guys are the best,ya know.

What do you want me to go into detail about?Which other social media growth posts do you want to read?

Want more helpful info?Follow my blog on wordpress, or sign in through email.It’s super easy!You just have to scroll down.That’s it!



Au Revoir, you deserve the world<3

source-my digital art magic


Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

24 replies on “10 EASY ways to make MONEY ONLINE.(no crazy investment, no BS!)

  1. Very very helpful! Thanks for the read. I’m always looking for ways to boost my blog and make money doing it. Some of these, like watt pad, I had never heard of. I was also wondering if do you invest in ads to your page or do companies reach out to you at all to market their own ads?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou, I’m glad you found it helpful.I actually haven’t worked with any brand for my blog before.But even if you have a small following, you can still work with brands!I will write about it in another blog-post to give you a clearer idea.
      Love your blog<3

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ya I noticed, was much interested to discuss the roles we mailed. As I couldn’t connect and discuss anywhere I was hesitated to assign anything for you though you were much interested in supporting and becoming part of VL

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely love your tips! I somehow landed up on your blog after just wandering around, and I’m loving your content so much 😀

    I’m Olivia, a 19 year blogger on the Nice Peach ( ) and I write about lifestyle and beauty. Also, I was wondering if we could be friends! I’ve been having a bad time with gaining engagement and readers, so I’d really appreciate it ❤


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your blogs.I don’t have my own domain either, because I want to do it whenb I hit atleast 1000 or 500 followers.But wordpress has an option where you can buy a domain for just 4 or 8 dollars.If you want to buy a domain, you could give those a try<3

      Liked by 1 person

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