Hey there!I’m Nika, and I hope something awesome happens to you today.

Adult..ish nominated me for the Leibster award, and I’m so thankful.Second blogger award of the week!She’s so relatable, helpful, friendly, and just a beautiful person inside out.

Here are my answers to her questions:

1.If there was one lesson you could instil in another person, what would it be?

To stop being judgemental.

2.What is one quote you live by?

“I want to live a life where as soon as I wake up in the morning, the devil goes “ah shit, she’s up”.”

3.People say that first impressions are everything; what do you hope people take away after meeting you?

I hope my first impression is that of a passionate, driven girl who cares about helping the world and is crazy enough to want to one day change the world.

4.What is one thing that will undoubtedly turn a bad day around for you?

You guys!Seriously, whenever I’m in a bad mood I either blog or just open my blog notification because they’re always full of the sweetest, most supportive comments from you guys.

5.If you could have any animal in the world, like even a chinchilla, what would it be?

I already have it!It’s a pug, and I love him.

I decided to not nominate anyone for this award, because just the other day I got nominated for the real neat blogger award, and I already nominated people for that one.

Thank you so much!I told you guys in my blog-post about my June goals for 2k18, about how it was my goal to get 225 followers by the end of June, and more engagement on my Instagram(nicculent), and on my YouTube channel(nicculent), and you guys helped me out immensely.We’re so close to 225 followers on my blog!

I love you guys, Au Revoir!<3

source-my digital art magic


Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

25 replies on “I got nominated for the Leibster 2018 blogger award!

  1. Congratulations on the award, love! And I relate so much on how you hope people get the impression that you want to help the world because I am the same exact way. I always hope that my drive is something that exudes from me when I first meet people. I love your blog so far and I hope that you reach your goal very soon!

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