Okay, but aren’t crushes just the most extra, unnecessary, unwanted, annoying, and distracting things ever?

I don’t know-you probably like having crushes.But I don’t, honey.My life-long crush is my passion for blogging and art, and when a person comes in the way, it’s NOT  a cute situation.

But being the 16 year old that I am, it’s inevitable.This is when I need to take a step back, and analyse the situation.

I sit down, write down what I’m thinkin’ up there, and ask myself whether letting this escalate into an obsession is worth it or not.And every time, my answer is “no”.Because I’ve always prioritized my passions over everything and everyone else in this world.

This is when I have to take a step back, and start un-liking that person.This doesn’t mean I have to hate that person, it just means I have to un-like-like that person.

This could be something you want to do no matter what situation you are in-it’s an endless list.

But borderline- our goal here is to get over that person.

Here are some ways:


I would have easily asked you to un-follow that person on Instagram and do all of that common shit.But we both know that it doesn’t work.But what for sure works is truly believing in the fact that that person is not your priority, and truly convincing yourself of that.

So, lemme ask you this:What are your 10 biggest priorities, 1 being the biggest of them all?Write the answer down.If any of the 10 consist of that person, re-think them.

This works too:Would you rather grind until you’re able to live your dream life, or give it up for a person?

If your answer is the first option, there-you have the solution.There’s no point in thinking about that person, because it’s going to get you nowhere.


I know, it’s awkward talking to an adult about this, but they really do have some valuable advice for you.It has worked for me-I always talk to my mom about it when I need to.

It doesn’t have to be a parent, it could even be a friend or a cousin.Just someone who has dealt with it before, maturely and wisely.


The biggest reason why you want to get over someone is because their absence has left a void inside of you, that needs to be filled.

Ew, so cliché.

But once you find the thing that gives you more happiness that the person we’re talking about here does, you’re basically all set-good to go.Because once you find it, it replaces that person.

But remember-don’t replace a person by another person, or you’ll get stuck in that cycle.Replace the person with a valuable passion or hobby.You get the point?


No matter how much that person has hurt you-revenge is NOT the way to go.Period.No revenge.Instead of wasting time figuring out a revenge plan, use that time wisely and develop a new source of happiness.

Bros before hoes passions before everything.


I don’t know how, but this works really well.When you feel badass, you’ll want to work on yourself and your goals, instead of crying over someone else.

There’s a lot of ways to feel badass:


B.listen to badass songs.(My fave-Agust D my Min Yoongi)

C.Getting a change in appearance, like a new hair colour.

D.Subscribing to the girlboss lifestyle.It’s the best thing ever.

And most of all, give it time.Don’t stress too much.Time literally heals everything, at least when it comes to getting over someone.It really does.

Well, that was quick.


Question of the day:

How do you get over that someone?

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ILYYYY, Au Revoir<3

Au Revoir ~Nika x



Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

24 replies on “How to get over someone?(The thing about crushes)-10 WAYS.

      1. Thank you! I’m gonna check out your blog more in a few minutes, when I have a chance.

        Also, just so we’re clear, I don’t actually advise that you electrocute yourself to get rid of crushes. I was joking earlier…mostly.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed.This blog-post is for anyone who feels like them having a crush is getting toxic, and just want to live without having to think of that person.Say, an ex.Thanks for reading though, as usual I love your blog!


  1. This is a cool post for the teen who are over charged with crushes but once in a while geting over it not a big deal…Good adivice…just do what you suppose do now rather wasting time in crush..message delivered to all who needed this@@@

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OH WOW, this is the first post I’ve read from you and it’s honestly amazing!! You put it in such a matter-of-fact and logical way; I really appreciate that. I’ve NEVER been the best at getting rid of crushes but prioritising is such a good idea. THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I’m off to read some more of your posts now!

    Liked by 1 person

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