Do you ever just have a burn-out moment, right after a nervous breakdown, or a YOLO day, or a day off, and feel like you need to get your sh*t back together in order to continue life like a normal person?

You could possibly feel this way for a few reasons.Maybe you’re just burned out and want a day off and a new start to life after that, maybe you just got over somebody and want to live a new life, or maybe you just moved out alone and want to sort your sh*t.

Either way, Nika got your back.I’m going to share with you some changes that you can make to feel like you’re back in control of your life and have your sh*t back together.

But before that, remember one thing:

We are responsible for everything that happens to us whether that thing happening to us is our fault or not.We are always responsible for the way we feel, because we either choose to be happy about it, or sad.Similarly, whenever you feel burned out or out of control, you need to remind yourself that you’re in control of how you feel about everything.




The best way to feel in control of life is to be around people (who make you feel better in every way and aren’t toxic).Call a friend, meet-up with someone you haven’t hung out with in a long time, or my favourite-Interact with your blog audience, if you’re a blogger.



You guys already know how much I use my journal.Dump all your thoughts into that damn journal, write down the solutions to your problems, plan your week, whatever makes you feel sorted.

3.Take an actual  break.


I’ve realized that I can only truly feel like I took a break  if I take a day completely off where I do only what I feel like doing.If I want to spend all day in bed with cold water and YouTube, I will.If I want to blog or do art all day, I will.But I won’t force myself to get something done or to work on my goals of the week/month, because unless you are truly convinced that your day off was “off” enough, will you get back on track right after.

4.Tidy up.



Tidy up your space, switch furniture around, add new décor, do whatever makes you feel comfortable in your space.I love having a room with not much stuff lying outside of the closet, but tons of fairy lights, quotes, and my artwork on my walls to inspire me.

5.Change your routines.


Switch up your morning or night routine.If you always workout in the morning, try working out at night for a week.Making small changes really makes a difference, because it breaks the monotonous cycle.

6.Find someone to envy.

I don’t know about you, but jealousy and envy are HUGE motivators for me.Or, wait. Let me frame this differently.

Whenever I get jealous of someone’s life or envy what they have, instead of talking crap about them to make my ego feel better, I convert that envy into motivation to work harder on my goals, set harder goals, and to achieve the life that the person I envy lives.

This is a massive game changer.

When you find someone who you envy, you will work harder to have a life that awesome.I’m not asking you to copy that person’s lifestyle, but if envy helps you work harder(and not go too hard on yourself either) on your own goals, isn’t that just awesome?

I think it is, because we as humans envy each other all the time.

7.Create an alter ego.



This could be a whole another blog-post topic to be honest, I can write lots about it.It compliments the previous point I just mentioned.

Ask yourself what you don’t like about yourself, what you can do to change that, and what qualities the person you envy has.

Get creative with this!Name your alter ego, draw it out, write about your alter ego’s badass character.Create your dream character, and live it.You will hardly ever feel out-of-control or burned-out again.Promise.

8.What are you going after?

A day off is the perfect time to re-think your goals.What are you doing?Why are you doing what you are doing?Are you really going after your passions?Do you even have a passion to begin with?What are your weaknesses?What do you really want to get out of this life that you have?

cliché , cliché.


9.Reward yourself for every victory.

Don’t get me wrong.

You shouldn’t party for just doing things, if you know deep down that you could have done way better.Like, I have friends who throw full-fledged parties for the most average accomplishments.I’m not degrading anybody by saying this, you should totally celebrate everything.But if you know deep-down that you’re actually pretty disappointed and that your accomplishment is pretty average, take that as a motivation to do even better next time.Don’t celebrate just to make yourself feel better.Celebrate because you know you deserve it.

But whenever you set a goal and feel like you absolutely crushed it, reward yourself with something valuable, and truly celebrate.It could be the smallest of rewards, but we’re basically trying to make friends with the top floor here (AKA the impatient mind).A reward will make you feel like you are closer to your end goal, and will more likely prevent you from feeling like you have to “have your sh*t together”.

10.Some YouTube videos on this topic:

You guys know that I watch an insane amount of YouTube.I have watched some videos on this in the past which might be helpful.

Question of the day:

What do you do on a typical day off ?

Thanks for reading, fam!

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Au Revoir ~Nika x

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24 replies on “How to get your sh*t together after a burnout/break.

  1. On the concept of an alter ego… Lloyd is my legal name. This is name I use for business and on my day job but I have another name that I am known by ever since I was a a baby. That name is more familiar to me.
    Being able to change my name when I am not working is like taking off a uniform. I get leave Lloyd at the office along with all of his stress and be myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man – I’m SO going to make my daughter read this post! It’s great! She needs this right now – her motivation is lacking.

    Typically I don’t really get days off until I fall ill and am forced to stay home. When we go on vacation, I’ll try to ensure we have ‘nothing’ days where we just relax but I’m a bit of a wanderer. I like to explore so I tend to basically just ‘wander off’ by feet.

    What I do, though, is try to make sure I get my time-off even if it’s just for an hour or two. On weekends, I like to listen to music while reading (Tokyo Ghoul at the moment). And before bed I’ll hope on to YouTube mainly to watch something to make me laugh or just kpop music videos/performances. About once or twice a year (not including if I’m sick), I’ll really just cave and spend the greater day in bed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wandering off by feet is something I love doing too!And those days when you just cave in bed and take a day completely off are just the best breaks ever.I hope your daughter finds this helpful<33


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