(A)This post is a collab with ToBeAdultish , an amazing blogger.She has a blog-post about how to deal with anxiety, as a part 2 of this post.Go show her some support, yo.

(B)I’m not a professional, but I’ve had diagnosed anxiety before, so this is coming from personal experience.

Hi!I’m Nika.Welcome to BloggerTalk #2.

BloggerTalk is a series on my blog, where we get extremely real and talk about what that needs to be discussed, and what people are usually scared of talking about.

Here is the previous BloggerTalk (and the very first one) on my blog:

Why dating is a waste-Toxic boys and highschool drama (BLOGGERTALK #1)

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So, a few months ago, I wrote a blogpost on how to deal with anxiety, and I was surprized by how many of you guys could relate!So I thought, why not write a blogpost on how to find out if you have anxiety. if you’re feelin’ funny and out of control, and stressed.

So, here are 10 signs of anxiety that you shouldn’t ignore.

1.”Everything is too much!”

I remember having not more than 5 tasks to do every day, but still feeling like everything was too much on me.This is because I overthought everything.

2.Changes in sleep pattern.

Do you sleep later, lesser, and more irregularly than usual?Do you often stay in bed for hours at night just thinking, and not sleeping?If yes, then something’s up, honey.


My anxiety had made me extremely cranky to be around at most times.I snapped at the people I loved, and my behaviour was colder and more emotionless than normal.I don’t know if this was because I was overthinking, or if I thought they wouldn’t understand me.


When I was anxious, I was way more self-conscious about everything than I am now.

I’ve always been quite a self-conscious person, but when I would get anxious I would be so self-conscious (about the most ridiculous things.I used to be self-conscious of my fingers.what?), that the people around me could easily make out that something’s up.

5.Changes in eating patterns.

Ever heard of stress-eating?Yeah, that applies to starvation too.When I’m anxious, I starve myself.I just lose my appetite.Some of you might eat more than usual when you’re stressed.But when this fluctuation occurs more than usual, you better get a day off for yourself and sort your shit.


When you’re anxious or stressed, you tend to isolate yourself.But when this happens way too much, it’s not normal stress anymore.

7.Lack of concentration.

Not being able to concentrate while doing the things that you could always do easily and the things that you loved doing.

8.Being cold all the time.

I don’t know.I’m probably the only one whom this happens to.But when I was anxious, I was legit cold ALL the time.I was abnormally cold to the point where I would touch things and a current would run through my body.

Is this normal with anxiety, lol?halp

But hey, I’m not that cold anymore.You can hug me if you ever see me in person.I also don’t bite.Promise.

9.Fears that never existed

Fearing things that you never feared before.

10.Losing your passions.

This was such a red flag, and I regret not noticing it right away.I  have always been a ‘passions over everything” person, but when I was at the peak of it, I didn’t feel happy doing the things that would otherwise make me all excited.This was, in my case, to the point where I was so deep into the anxiety, that I had forgotten what my passions were.

Before I end this, I want to say something.Please read me out.

Anxiety is not “cool”, unlike what most people will tell you.Anxiety is scary, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody, ever.The same applies for any other mental illness.Mental illnesses are clinical, not just “all in your head”, and are real disorders that need to be treated.

I beg you, my reader, to never glamorize anxiety, and respect the ones who have it for living through it all.

Anxiety is not “cool”.It’s awful.

Make sure to read what ToBeAdultish wrote about this!The link is given in the beginning of this post.


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Au Revoir ~Nika x


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17 replies on “10 Signs of anxiety.(Bloggertalk#2)-collab w/ ToBeAdultish

  1. Yes, yes and yes. Except for feeling cold. I’m not a medical expert but maybe you felt cold if you weren’t getting enough nutrition? I stress-eat so in that area, I tend to go to the other spectrum. And I don’t eat healthy food either. I do tend to isolate myself more when I’m feeling my anxiety grow. Other than being around my husband and daughter, I’ll stay away specifically from my own family who tends to just add more nervous energy around me. They mean well, but lets say I have something big coming up – whether it be a business trip, my daugher’s grade graduation, a family vacation or even something as small (-ish) as my daughter’s birthday party, my mom, as soon as she finds out about it, will ask me a million questions… “How you bought her a dress yet?” “When is your fight?” “How are you getting to the airport?” “What food will you prepare for the party?” “Does she have the right type of shoes?” “Do you have your hotel booked yet?” Blah, blah, BLAAAAH!!!

    OH MY GOD LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY!!! ACK!!! <- that's basically what I want to yell back at her. 🙂

    Truth be told, I know it's HER anxiety she's displacing on to me. But when I'm not in a good head-space, it's really difficult for me to not take it personally (see your note about being more insecure – that's me too). I, too, find I'm much more sensitive when I'm ridden with anxiety.

    I've resorted to just avoiding family or not telling them any 'big' news of plans in the near or far future until the very last minute. Or if that can't be helped and I can't avoid her I do have to remind her that I've got it under control. But I have to tell her in a way that expresses I'm not up for discussing anything. "It's all under control – please stop worrying." And I have to not let her draw me in to answering her questions. I found the more she learns the more she digs deeper so I just never give her specifics. If it's about flight departure/arrival, I just tell her I'll email it to her since I do not have the details with me. Anything to delay the information until the last minute.

    I've definitely got some work to do with the above as you can see! Anyway – sorry for the long ramble but thanks for another good share/post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wait-that makes total sense.Because I was also eating not that much back then.And I agree with the pressure!It’s like,there’s already a LOT of pressure that we put on ourselves for others to be worried as well.Thanks for reading take care!xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is very helpful! And i think it is very great that you included a disclaimer in the beginning. I had an intense case of paranoia, and it was hard to decide what was wrong with me because I was eight when I was diagnosed. I hope that this piece sheds some light for any person who may be questioning. This was amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! Sadly, my eldest and middle child had to go through this. It broke my heart when my daughter came to me crying. I had to talk to their teacher for them to stop bullying her.

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