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I always read quotes on Instagram about how surrounding yourself with positivity is the key to success and daily motivation, and food for your hustle.But what they never ever tell you is how to remain positive and contain your passion(and sanity) when you’re surrounded by negativity, or in my words- a bunch of fake snakes.

After a ton of emotional breakdowns, wondering why I suddenly feel a lack of motivation, asking myself over and over when I’ll finally find people whom I can relate to and people who get me, I found out some ways to deal with this.

Before that, let me introduce you to a term from Nika’s word bank:NFS.

NFS is my abbreviation for a Negative Fake Snake.

You’re welcome.

1.Look closer.

When you’re someone like me who pretty-much talks to everyone, it just can’t be possible for every single human present in school/work to be an NFS.If you think that’s true, you just aren’t looking closely or you just don’t know people that well.

Talk to the people you know, connect with them, get to know them, and you’ll realize that a few of them are…just like you!They’re passionate, they have their stresses, and they’re probably going through the same things as you.

2.Look even closer.

A huge reason why I love the internet:

Believe it or not, some of the most positive, relatable, understanding friends that I’ve met were once complete strangers on the internet.No joke.Some of my blogger friends I still haven’t met, and some people that I got to know through DMs on Instagram who are now my closest friends.

Talking to people on the Internet requires you to trust them, and be ready to face it if they break your trust.It needs communication skills, warmth, and being able to form bonds with strangers.But once you’re good at it, you can make friends real quick on the Internet.

With this, you have no excuse.Since millions of people use the internet, it’s impossible for you to not find anyone positive and relatable.

Speaking of that, here’s an app that I found, that might help you talk to cool people on the internet:



It’s basically the kinder version of Twitter.

3.Quotes and content.

Everyone thinks that starting your day off by scrolling through the Internet is a bad habit.But for me, it starts my day off positively.Because, it’s not about the act of using the internet.It’s about how you use it.

Since my surrounding are not the most positive(aka school), I follow a bunch of entrepreneurship, positivity, girlboss etc. related accounts on Instagram, and  I watch a lot of productivity and self-help related YouTube channels.

And this is honestly more than enough of motivation for me.

Gary Vee stans, am I wrong?

The internet has so many wise and motivational people and content to offer, that will make you get the fudj up and ace your day.

Motivation problem solved.Period.

4.Be the positivity that you seek.

Feel negative and unmotivated?Turn that into an idea for some awesome content to brighten others’ days.This works for me every single time.In the process, and in the aftermath of content creation, I get comments from random people from the internet whom I don’t even know, saying, “you’re so positive Nika, you made my day”, and such.

5.Create positivity within you.

When your surroundings are not what you’d like them to be, create that environment in your head.Find an escape, or in simple words, a passion.It will never break your trust, never deceive you, none of that shit.

6.The only motivation you will ever need:

I once read a quote that shut me up forever.

“Just the fact that you aren’t where you want to be should be enough motivation to work harder.”


I feel like journaling is the solution to almost all of my inner conflicts.

Dump all of your thoughts onto paper, or in your laptop.Wherever.Just get rid of the damn thoughts.It literally lifts all the weight off your shoulders.


Need I say more?

My favourite kinda music is KPOP, especially BTS.Because they make me super happy.But whatever floats your boat, boo.

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26 replies on “How to remain positive & motivated when you’re surrounded by negativity(aka fake snakes).

  1. REALLY needed this! It’s so crazy, I was literally just looking for ways to be more positive when others around you bring you down. It’s hard sometimes. I hope your situation gets better! And never forget, you’re a GIRL BOSS! keep thriving in life ☺️💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post is honestly fabulous! It can be so hard to stay positive if you’re in a negative situation or surrounded with shitty people but there are definitely ways to keep your head up! All the things you listed are great; I love creating vision boards to look at and be like “Okay we’re here now but one day we’ll be THERE” xx

    Liked by 1 person

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