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Disclaimer:This blog-post might offend some readers.I just want to make it clear that this is not meant to offend anyone, these are just my personal opinions and me narrating things that happened to me.It does not mean to target anyone in specific!

Good vibes, guys.


Bonjour vous les gars!I’m Nika.Nice to meet you!

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So in the month July, I got my hair dyed red.And I got a LOT of different reactions to it.I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you.

I had dyed my hair two years back.But this time, well..the reactions were a mess.

Two years back, I had long hair right up till my waistline, and I had dyed the ends purple.Purple is a more subtle colour, and since my hair was long, the colour wasn’t very visible.So the reactions were a lot more positive and subtle, like the colour.

If you have dyed your hair before you can relate when I say that you can’t just dye your hair once in your life ad then stop there.It kinda becomes a thing that you do, and dyed hair starts making you feel more you.

And, so I concluded with the decision to dye my hair red.

Here are the kinds of reactions I got to it.

  1. The washroom stares.


Jeez, some high school girls make things too awkward.Imagine doing your thing, fixing your hair in front of the mirror, and then noticing a whole group of girls just staring at you.How awkward is that?!Like, what am I supposed to do?Say hi or send help?


The fangirls/fanboys.These people will touch your red hair 28,768 times a day(an estimation) without asking for your permission, and they will crazy fangirl over how pretty you look.I actually prefer these guys over the first category, though.I mean, I’d rather people show me the reactions than stare at me from miles away.

3.Other people with dyed hair.

After I dyed my hair red, a lot of people who had coloured hair themselves started talking to me and I actually made some really good friends, all because of the fact that we both had coloured hair.It’s a very interesting way to make friends.

4.The jealous ones.

In the beginning, they will act like nothing has changed about you.When they just can’t ignore it anymore because everyone’s talking about it, they’ll act like it’s not a big deal.

5.”but why?”

It’s really awkward when you dye your hair and someone asks you, “but why?”.My answer ends up being something like, “no specific reason *awkward laugh*”.But in reality I’m like, “because I do whatever I want, bish”.

6.The “will you go out with me” bois.

You know, those guys who just ask you out because of your appearance when really they know nothing about you?Yeah, those “Oh, she has red hair, she looks like she parties a lot, let’s try her out” kinda guys.

Bois, I’m already dating my blog.

7.”Can I please feel your hair?PLEASE”

These people are usually the sweetest, most hilarious people on the planet.They think they’re being annoying but really they’re being adorable af.

8.”Can you come with me so I can show your hair to my friend?”

9.*Assumes my entire personality based on the colour of half of my hair*

So, red is a rebellious colour….according to the people that I encountered.And so when people see me with my red hair, they assume that i’m this super rebellious typical teenager who smokes and parties all the time and is against all school rules regardless of whether they make sense or not, and is super rude and bitchy towards everyone.

I’m not like that, guys.You can come say hi if you ever see my in person.I don’t bite, I promise.

10.The people online.

You guys!I got the sweetest comments about my hair from you guys, and from those who watch my YouTube videos.Thanks to everyone.

11.Gyaan unasked for.

Gyaan is the hindi slang for “extra info unasked for”, for all my non-Indian readers.Basically, the people who will give you unnecessary gyaan about how dying your hair can damage it, how it’s unnatural and “against nature”, blah blah blah.

12.The teachers.

Some teachers were extremely chill about my red hair.But fairly enough, some told me how it was against school rules and that I can’t do this to my hair again until I graduate high school.

There’s so much more to these reactions, and so many more types of people that I haven’t talked about here.Honestly, if I mention all of the people, this blog-post will end up way too long.This post was very different from my usual ones, so let me know what you thought about it in the comments’ section!I hadn’t ranted in a long long time, so it feels good to rant again.

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ily, Tchao<3

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20 replies on “Types of reactions when I dyed my hair red.(the hate was real lmao)BLOGTALK #3

  1. Well I think your hair looks great. You will always have people hating on decisions YOU make for yourself. Can’t make everyone happy but people still want to make your decisions their business. lol.
    Don’t mind them do your thing xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha this was such a good post to tell you the truth and might I add, I completely understand what you must have been through. The stares, the assumptions, stupid school rules etcetera is so Damn accurate. When I got a pixie people went crazy, like literally. But it was a good kind of crazy, most of the times at least. Then there were a pool of strangers who were worried about the length of my hair, saying ‘Bichari ne baal kaat liye’ like wait wut 😂 And then I met the sweetest people who wanted to hug me Because of my hair, congratulating me like I had returned from war and the victory had been mine. My English teacher would always tap the back of my head every time she saw me in a corridor making me feel like a puppy tbh. Oh and God the curiosity never ends, not unless the whole school has touched your hair. Then I got stuck with a pet name, ‘Pixie’ by a teacher who apparently forgot my real name at the end of the year. All in all it was one heck of an experience. One last thing that bugged me was people always assumed I was gay which was weird because I never knew haircut was something to be associated with sexuality. But hey, no biggie. People always think what they want to and sooner or later they get used to things.

    You’re bold to go for red, I’m proud of you! 😊 I colored all my hair magenta (almost red) and I know how self-empowering it feels. I always love trying out different hair colors and styles because that’s my way of self-expression, it makes me feel confident and happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love this comment it’s so relatable!And I could relate w the sexuality thing too much!Your hair looks AMAZING in the dp.And I can also relate with the love for trying new colours on the hair.It makes me feel super confident about it.thanks for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

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