HI!I’m Nika.Nice to meet you!

At the beginning of each new month, I plan my goals for that month, and every week, I divide the main goals up into smaller tasks that I finish everyday.

Sharing my goals with you guys has motivated me and helped me get the planned work done, and apparently it has motivated you guys to be more productive too!

I’ve been setting goals for 5 years now, and if you’ve read my previous goals recap post, you’ll know how annoyed I get when I haven’t been productive and haven’t absolutely crushed my goals that month.That happened in July(I’m so glad that July passed tbh), and when I shared it with you guys, your supportive comments made me get tf back up and get to work.

And I did.And I’m so happy to say that the month of August was SO much better than July.I met some amazing people, went to the coolest places, and I was way more creative and happy than in July.

Honestly, I’m kind of scared about September, because I have mid-terms this month.And exams give me a ton of stress.That also means blogging won’t be my priority this month.And it sucks.But as I promised, I’m going to still be consistent with posting on my blog if not super active.

Here’s a list of my goals for August:

1.875+ followers on Instagram

2.350 followers on my blog

3.Prep for a French exam and give it

4.Be consistent on the blog

5.Workout consistently

Well, I was being really good at this until the end of the month when I didn’t workout for a week straight.Gotta change that and improve, oops.

6.Study for the coming school test.

I’ve been procrastinating way too much with school these days.Gotta change that.

Now, here are my goals for September:

1.Study and prep for mid-terms in school

Break-down to make it easier for me to follow:

Study every single day for at least an hour daily.

2.Workout consistently


Workout at least 3 days a week, at least twenty minutes each day.

3.Be consistent on the blog, with blog-posts and being active.

Break-down: thrice a week-every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

B.Be active on the blog at least 3 times a day, and engage with other bloggers consistently.

4.Work harder on my blog-posts-Graphics, content, value, research, Promo etc.

A.Spend some time only researching about blogging and blog-growth.

B.No half-assed content.

C.Spend time taking good pictures for every blog-post, and editing them.

5.Be consistent on Instagram with posting and commenting on other bloggers’ Instagram posts.

5.Hit 400+ blog followers.

6.Hit 950+ Instagram followers.

7.Manage stress well-journaling, take breaks etc.

What are your goals of the month?How was the month of August for you?

I know that all of my fellow bloggers from the northern hemisphere are starting school this month.All the best for the new academic year to you guys!Slay this year.

I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account too!Let’s talk!

Take care, y’all.Dont overwork yourselves, ily.Au Revoir!


Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

31 replies on “August goals recap & September goals 2018!

  1. This is such a great way to set goals & start working on them. I’ve been doing same thing.

    My goals for next month are :
    1.Start studying for my practical exams & give my best at it.
    2. Workout for at least 4 days a week.
    3. Manage time with studying ,working out ,meditation ,guitar practice .
    4. Finding time to read everyday (outside my syllabus)

    Thank you for writing this post , it made my goals clear in my mind 🙂

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