Guys, I’m scared.

Time is flying right past me and I can’t get a hold of it.I could have sworn, it was New Year’s eve just yesterday.I don’t like this.I’m going to be 60 in no time.

It’s friggin October 2018 already.Universe, if you’re reading this, cALM tF dOWN.

Also, can we have a moment of silence(in sadness) for the fact that there’s not as much Halloween and Fall hype here in India(because we don’t have Fall, lol) so I can’t relate to most of you bloggers?Like y’all are out there picking pumpkins and sippin’ on your Pumpkin spice Lattes and I’m like, sitting here in my room at 12:00am, blogging.Ya feel?


But, with every new month, comes my favourite time of the month-the beginning.I get to plan the whole month, lots of bloggers are sharing their goals of the month, their progress of last month, and it’s a good, positive-vibes-time.

I write these posts to try and motivate you guys to do something that month that you’ll be proud of.So, I dare you, to have some goals for the month of October.

Do something that you’ll look back at in 2019 and be thankful for.

Here are mine:


  • 500 followers on my blog.
  • 300 subscribers on YouTube.
  • 1000+ followers on IG.


  • Workout consistently-3 times a week.
  • Journal consistently to prevent emotional breakdowns lmao


  • 3 videos this month!Excited for you guys to watch them.
  • 300+ subscribers.(although I usually don’t keep a subscriber count.)
  • Work on new dance cover(it’s gonna be fun, y’all.)

knlowledge & research.

This month, I’ve decided to spend time researching and gaining info.I might even make a journal for the new info I learn about social media growth everytime I research.

  • Research every Friday night, for an hour.
  • Share the info gained with blog readers at the end of the month.


I had been in such a slump when it came to French in the month of September, that this month I’m ready to get back on track.

I might even blog in French a few times(?) (would you guys like that?Should I do that?)

  • Study French for 3 hours each day of the weekend, every weekend.


I’ve decided to calm down with the studies this year in school.But I still plan to study consistently, though.

Thanks for reading!Let me know your goals of October in the comments, and ACE them.

I have a cool YouTube video for y’all coming this sunday, and a new blog-post coming just the day after tomorrow.

Thank you for subscribing if you have already!We hit 400!

Our next goal:500 subscribers on the blog.

Subscribe to the Nicculent blog if you haven’t already, and help me out!

I’m also very active on my Instagram account, and I talk to a lot of y’all over there.If you haven’t followed me on it, do it!


INSTAGRAM: @nicculent

YOUTUBE:  Nicculent

Tchao, hoes.I love you guys.Take care of yourself.




Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

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