Hello, welcome to my blog!I’m Nika, and I’m a small blogger trying to grow online.

While planning the month of October and some of my goals for that month, I had set a goal for myself to do some, any, research about online growth whether it’s Instagram, blog, YouTube channel, or whatever else every Friday and to note down whatever I learn.

And so, I did that this Friday!I didn’t spend as much time on the research as I had wanted to, but I’m getting there.I noted down and learned some valuable info that I think might help you guys out, since most of you guys have your own blogs and Instagram accounts, and much more.

Along with writing the information and research down, I decided to also share it with you guys, because it might just be very useful info that you can implement.

So, I decided to just make it into a series.Every Friday when I do my usual research and learn something new, I’m going to write about it and share the knowledge with you guys.Along with that, I want to share my weekly online growth goals, and how I did with online growth on the previous week.This will help make things more practical, and help you see where I’m trying to implement the knowledge that I gain when I research.

This is what I learned this Friday.


graphic for subscription.png

My online growth goals for week #3 of October:


ig goals

What I’ve learnt this Friday:

Documenting the process of online growth attracts a huge amount of following.

I’ve realized that the lifestyle bloggers who just post pictures that evoke no emotional response, just for the sake of posting something, are less likely to grow as compared to those small bloggers or small entrepreneurs who document the journey.By the journey, I mean the 5:00am grind, the lack of sleep, the frustration over technical issues, and everything that includes the process of achieving a goal, y’know?

I’ve come to know that doing that makes your audience relate on a one-on-one, more personal level, and they are more likely to recommend your account to a friend and not unfollow anytime sooner.

I’ve been trying to figure out what ‘content’ really means on Instagram, and it’s clearly more than just a great looking picture.

For example-Gary Vee, Jade Darmawangsa, etc.

These guys don’t just post pictures.They also post valuable knowledge, share experiences, share what they’re going through and talk about controversial topics openly.

I’ve been trying to do that, and share my 5:00am grind.But it’s apparently not as easy as reading this post.Talking about the process includes being open with your followers and not caring if they’re judging you.

Do you do this?I’d love to check out your IG feed, leave your usernames in the comments below!


A website I’ve been finding useful for finding the right hashtags for my posts:


This website works for Instagram hashtags too.It’s basically a website with a search bar in which you can type in a tag related to.When you do that, you’ll see some popular and relevant hashtags related to it, and much more, all about hashtags.

You should definitely try it out for your blog or anything else you’re creating online.

Some other websites I found helpful-


It’s a blog all about blog growth.It has information for you specifically depending on whether you want to start a blog, grow it, or monetize it.


A blog all about email marketing.


Okay, if you haven’t heard of Canva yet, you’re majorly missing out.It’s a site that helps you edit for free, with thousands of free templates.I use Canva for all of my edits.Seriously.Just try it.You’ll love it.Not spons tho.(I mean, why tf would Canva sponsor me?lmao)


This is all for today’s post!I hope you learned something useful.

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I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

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