Yo, hard-workers.How’s your overly packed schedule treating you?Well?I hope so.

I don’t know about you, but when it’s exam-time, or when I’m juggling school, blog, French, and everything else, I get a little outta wack.I don’t know if it’s physical or mental, but when I’m extremely busy to the point where I have to start pulling all-nighters and skipping meals, I start getting cranky, restless, and I start looking tired with those sad bags underneath my eyes(dark-circles, in your language).

Then there comes a point where I have to step back and just chill a little.If I don’t do that and keep going, it comes to an abrupt halt.

To avoid that, here are some ways to keep your ‘busy’ consistent and productive, effective, and most of all, sane.

1)Have a slow morning or evening.


When you whole day is crazy packed and you have no time for yourself and to de-clutter your top floor(mind, in your language), you gotta give yourself that time before or after work, aka in the morning or at night.

2)I underestimated napping.

i underestimated napping

I used to find sleep kinda boring earlier.After I started doing more things during the day, I realized just how important and useful it can be.And I’m afraid, I kinda love sleep now.

Napping really works, guys.When you aren’t getting enough sleep in the night, napping can be your way to keep your energy stable throughout the day.

3)Don’t eat unhealthy crap.

When you eat unhealthy processed crap, you’ll feel like crap.When you feel like crap, you won’t be able to work as hard.Because without good health, you can’t really do anything.

4)Make time to workout.

This one’s self-explainatory.

5)Don’t do it half-assed.

If you’re studying, don’t passive-read.Read with complete concentration.Because even if you don’t like the subject, if you’re still studying it somehow, you might as well just go all out and give your very best.

If you’re doing something, you might as well just do it to your best abilities, y’know?

6)Make time for YOU.


Make time for your mental health.Make time to eat atleast one meal by yourself or with your favourite people, and take your time.Make time to do what you truly love.Make time to do the little things that matter, like going on walks or long-drives.Make time to listen to music.

7)Take frequent breaks.

And valuable ones.

8)Dump those thoughts.


Okay, if you don’t have a journal already, you must be some great saint who doesn’t need to sort their emotions.But I still suggest, get yourself a journal.Dump all your thoughts, everything that is bothering you.Write in it even if you’re completely satisfied with how life is right now.Write because you can.Write yourself reminders about how incredibly grateful you are to be able to exist.

9)Matcha is my jam

I don’t know why, green tea is my ultimate stress reliever???Like, look at how calming this looks.I just-brb get green tea


Shoutout to my mom, who got me obsessed with Matcha green tea.And shoutout to Matcha green tea for increasing my productivity.Matcha=productivity.

Okay.I’ll stop now.But seriously.Matcha=productivity level 100.10/10 would recommend.

Most of all, be grateful for being able to work hard and be patient with everything.Don’t go too hard on yourself.

Thanks for reading, I looove you and I’m so proud of you for working this hard.

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P.s.Yes, I made all of these edits myself.However, 40% of the pictures used are taken from Pinterest.Credits to the owners.I’m trying to make my blogs more aesthetically pleasing, and I’ll eventually get better at it.Promise!



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