I’ve never written a post like this before.But to state a fact, I’m turning 17 in less than 20 days.And this year I figured, time’s up.Gotta start being honest with my blog readers.

I never take birthdays seriously, I don’t know why.

But after listing down some things that i have learned in the 16 years of my short life so far, here’s what i came up with.This post is written as a mix of “first person” and “third person” perspectives.It’s kind of like a list of things that I imagine myself telling my younger self, y’know what I mean?

Ok, Lettuce begin.

  1. you’re friggin stupid, Nika

when that lil hoe called puberty hits us, it’s almost as if some chemical messing with our brain forces us to believe that we own the world, when really we don’t even know how to tie our shoe-laces properly yet.

Ego is a great thing.A magical defence mechanism that the universe has created for us.But when it comes in the way of 14 year old Nika and her petty girl-fight with her friend, it does no good.

So dear confused and oddly pubescent Nika, sit down.You don’t own the planet, and you’re most definitely not the greatest of all the girls in your middle-school.Most importantly, you don’t have to be the best.Really.Chill out.

2. say hi to therapy, because you’re going to need a lot of it.

Dear 14 year old terrified Nika, it’s okay to seek help.No, you’re not going to need it forever.Infact, you’ll stop needing it by the time you turn 16.I promise.

And hey, you’ll learn a lot of really wise things with the help of therapy.

3)My passions are my absolute best friends.

As i look back and trace all the 16 years that I’ve spent living, the only thing that has been constant throughout the years, are my passions.

They have always helped me get through every single tough thing, and as I’ve grown up, I’ve slowly started realising that I’d better hold onto these passions.Because I have a gut feeling, smol Nika, that they’re going to take you places.

4)Please don’t date.Please listen to your teachers just this once.

You know that time in middle-school when dating becomes this obligatory thing that you have to do to seek validation and prove that you’re “cool”?Yeah.That’s what I’m talking about.

14 year old Nika, listen to that teacher who keeps telling you that that boy is not worth your time.Because in the end, she proves right.He’s really not that godly.Let it go.

5)You’ll meet this one guy that will absolutely flip your life upside down.

This, Nika, will be a major turning point in your life.It will teach you a million really wise things that will prevent you from making so many mistakes in the future, it’s crazy.

6)You have a thing for languages.Hold on to it.

It will become a major passion of yours.

7)Yes, you finally did start that YouTube channel and that blog.

That idea that you had been contemplating since you were 8?Yeah, you will finally go for it when you’re 16.It will be really late by the time you will have begun, but better late than never.

8)You still haven’t figured out how to love your appearance the way it is.

It’s a hard, tedious thing to do, and you at 16 still haven’t figured out how to do it.But I wonder what the future holds.Maybe one day in the future, you really will end up loving your appearance?Who knows.

9)Forgive them.

Forgive them, Nika, because they will soon realise what they did to you.AndΒ  a few of them will end up becoming your closest, most supportive friends once you forgive them.Give everyone a chance, because they will soon apologise.

10)It’s okay not to be religious.

I know, you’ve grown in a very religious family.But with time, you will find out what your true beliefs are.And they will not be religious.And that’s okay.Respect others’ beliefs, and I promise, with time, they will also learn to respect yours.

11)You will end up changing from introvert to extrovert!

You will gradually change from the little self conscious kid in class to the girl that talks to everyone in class, including all the staff.Talking to people and socialising will not be a task anymore.It will rather end up being fun and a necessity!

12)You’re amazing at giving advice and teaching people.

Keep at it.Use your newly created 2 day old blog for that purpose.Teach people all that you know of.Stop being scared of sharing your opinions on things.Because you will meet people who will love the advice you give.

13)They do care.

After spending almost all of your childhood being told by everyone you meet that your existence is insignificant, it’s easy to start believing that it really is.But really, it’s not.You’re worth a lot more than that.You will eventually find people that truly do care, so better start trusting them.


14)Start speaking up for yourself.

Stop taking peoples’ BS.Start speaking up for yourself.That’s not being rude, that’s being bold and confident.And boldness is a very hot quality to have.Stop entertaining unnecessary energy vampires and pessimists.

15)You have a brutally honest personality, and that will be very hard for you to handle.

You have a brutally honest nature, but you need to learn to respect the fact that not everyone likes it.it’s great to be honest, but what’s even better is to learn how to show your honesty in a polite and understandable way.

16)Take care of yourself.

Try your best not to get trapped in the productivity pressure spiral.It’s very tempting, and it feels heavenly to be productive.But you need to start taking care of yourself and your health more often.

Thanks for reading, guys!My 17th birthday is literally in 20 days and I have no idea what I’m doing!Birthdays can be very stressful sometimes.

One thing I do know, is that on this occasion, I’ve decided to start being more honest with you guys, and not only write technical, scripted blogs, but expand my context a little.

Love you guys, see you in just a few days!Oh, and also, comment below when your birthday is!(i’m curious)


Nika ❀





Posted by:Nika-Curious Millennial

I'm Nika, and I'm addicted to learning new things and sharing them with you.

47 replies on “16 things i’ve learned at 16.

  1. #8 – As you get older, you will most likely accept your appearance more and be happier with who you are. It’s so hard when you’re a teenager, but as an adult I feel like I look better than when I was a teenager.
    #10 – There are always people trying to force their beliefs on you. I also grew up somewhat religious because of family having me go to church, and it’s hard to understand when you’re young because your mind is so impressionable so you just believe it. As a teenager, that’s when my own beliefs started coming out more, and I started questioning things. Now I’m atheist. Everyone should have their own beliefs and choose their own path instead of just going along with something because someone else says so.
    #11 – This was actually opposite for me. I was more extroverted as a kid and young teenager. As I got older, it seemed like I became more and more introverted.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hey girl- this was a fun read. I think these types of posts / writing is so important to see your growth through the years!! I need to do something like this soon- but for my 20s! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and being so real

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lots of good things here, I battled a lot with my inner dialogue about a bunch of these as well but I’m glad I got a better sense of things as I got older and I’m sure you will too.
    Happy early birthday

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a fabulous post. I love how personal this is, and I thank you for sharing it with us. Yay for languages lovers! I am so passionate about my journey with the English and Japanese languages that I bother people talking about ways to better an accent or to build up vocabulary, haha!
    I love the positivity and the way you have managed to assess, take a step back, and learn from what you’ve been through during 16 years.
    Happy birthday, you great fun and inspiring lady!

    Liked by 1 person

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