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As some of you know, I’ve been vegan for almost 3 years now.And after switching from ‘I need meat 7 days a week’ to ‘grass is lyf’ involved a lot of changes.Some positive, some negative, and some….weird.Unexpected things happened to me after I went vegan.

Here are a few.

1.I stopped getting sick, literally *touchwood*

Okay, by this I don’t mean I became some sort of an immortal, but if before going vegan I got sick thrice a year, after going vegan I started getting sick only once a year.Y’know what I mean?

And this was pretty consistent.I wasn’t even eating that healthy in the beginning, but not only did I shed a few pounds(obviously), but I also started getting sick way less often.

2.Acne who?

Again, I’m not saying my skin became like the skin of those Korean idols (clear as glass), but it cleared up like craaaaazy.

Before going vegan I had insane acne, and after going vegan, I only ever break out if I eat crappy food and stop working out, or from stress and anxiety obviously.

I mean, I’d actually read and heard that the exact opposite of that would happen, but not for me, apparently.

3.A ton of extra energy

And I mean a TON.Even when I don’t need it.I’m that person at sleepovers who just doesn’t sleep, and just keeps taking till 7:00am.I’m the kinda person now who can workout at ANY time of the day.Or night.And that was never me when I wasn’t vegan!(ask my mom) Before going vegan, I was the laziest bitch ever.

4.I inspired others around me to be healthier.

This one’s obvious.

5.Dealing with hate became easier.

I you don’t know already, vegans get a lot of hate, okay?Most vegan stereotypes aren’t even applicable to every vegan.No, most of us don’t actually go around screaming “meat is murder”.(surprise surprise!)We don’t all hate non-vegans.And this one’s my favourite-We don’t eat just grass, guys.(I mean, who even came up with that stereotype?)

Infact, most of us enjoy vegan jokes.I crack jokes on vegans myself.And most of us love vegan memes!

Especially this old classic.


6.My patience increased af.

Estimated, I’ve been asked about how I’ll survive without eating animals if I were deserted in a forest, around 687964738282937 times.And every single time, I’ve answered very patiently!And I always will.

I’ve explained how to create my meals to the chef at restaurants even more times than that.

7.Weird ass food combos.

Apple with ketchup suddenly became the best food combo ever after I went vegan.And oh, peanut butter on everything.Cereal and water. Avocados and chocolate.Ice-cream and cucumber.It’s an endless list.

I usually don’t write abut veganism that much, because I don’t want to be called as the vegan police.Because I’m not.But nonetheless, this was so much fun to write!Thanks to Maryam for motivating me to write this and telling me how I won’t get judged for writing about veganism once in a while.

See you in my next post, Take Care!

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19 replies on “10 Weird things that happened to me after I went vegan.(this aint even real-)

  1. great post! i’ve been considering going vegetarian because i just don’t like meat that much, but i’m not sure how to start, so a post from you about how to become vegan/vegetarian would be amazing. 🙂

    xo apollo

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  2. Very good that you’re a vegan, I’m not a vegan or even a full vegetarian but I have diminished the amount Of meat I eat and I have also felt loads better. Often times I will make my meals vegan or vegetarian if possibly when eating out. That and exercise has given me loads of good health benefits.
    I’m mostly wanting to eat cleaner for a clearer complexion and weight management if I’m being honest. And some foods do make me feel ill now like milk products and usually pork, little by little, I’ll get there eventually lol

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