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Hi fam!I’m Nika, and thankyou so much for reading my blog.

First things first, this is NOT your average movie review. nOpE

Considering how craaazy this ARMY fandom is, it’s never just about the movie.It about the whole experience, bish.

When I was told that Burn The Stage is screening in India, I was super happy and excited.But Indian ARMY was quite annoyed too.

Unlike in other countries, the release date of the movie kept being postponed.It was originally supposed to be screened on the 15th, when it actually got screened on the 25th.Weird.But when the final release dates were out, we were all happy again.

Since this is a BTS movie, almost every ARMY in the building(you know, where the theatre was) was wearing BTS merch and we were ALL super excited.I could almost sense an ARMY in someone that day whenever I saw people at the Theatre, even if they weren’t wearing BTS merch.You know, just by looking at their excited faces.

When all ARMYs were finally gathered outside the screen room, the real craziness began.Fanchants as loud as you can imagine, singing BTS songs by ourselves, making friends extremely easily just because we’re all ARMY, and fangirling(and fanboying) in groups of hundreds.It was insanely loud and fun, but not for the manager of the building.He seemed pretty terrified and shocked that this was a real fandom.

Oh, and we were also given a purple ribbon to tie around our wrists before the movie!

Now for the movie.

A LOT of people shed a LOT of tears during the movie.Surprisingly, the screen room was pretty quiet and we could watch the movie in peace without having random people scream”oppa” in the background.There were parts where a certain member of BTS was being cute on camera and the entire screen went “Awwwwwww!”. It was adorable.

Compared to the Burn The Stage YouTube Red series, I’d say the movie was only shorter, with not much of a difference otherwise.Since it’s BTS, it was amazing, of course.But as for content, I would prefer the series over the movie, simply because I get to see BTS for longer that way and because the series personally impacted me emotionally way more than the movie did.

This part was weird-

You know how, after a movie, most people get out of the screen room during the ‘credits’ part of the movie, after it’s end?Not this time.

Since it was BTS, every single person in that screen room stayed even through the credits.

All in all, this fandom is crazy and I freaking love it.This fandom is what makes up a whole experience, combined with BTS’ content.Without the crazy fans, my Burn The Stage experience would have just been about the movie.But the fanchants added a whole lot of fun to it.

Whether you like BTS or hate it, whether you like movies or hate them, I would definitely recommend Burn The Stage, because honestly, it was one of the most motivational movies I’ve ever seen.It was super inspiring.

If you want to be moved and inspired, watch BTS.You don’t even have to like their music to watch it.It’s like a success documentary.

Are you an ARMY?If yes, who’s your bias?Mine’s Taehyung!

Let me know if you want me to write more about BTS, and about KPOP in general.


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14 replies on “Burn The Stage movie experience-It was CRAZY.

  1. “the screen room was pretty quiet and we could watch the movie in peace without having random people scream”oppa” in the background” LOOOOOL GIRL I FEEL YOU. Good to know you preferred the series over the movie though cause I felt like I may have been missing out but this put my worries aside a little hahaha. Army foreva 💜

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  2. My friend is a huge army and she watched it with her friend last week too. I tried listening to them but I’m just not into it – especially since I’m more drawn towards acting than singing. Woww did the fandom do that chant of all their names (like my friend 24/7) that I can’t memorize for the life of me? 😂 Glad you had fun haha.

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  3. I absolutely loved this movie, it was such an amazing experience and it made it even better being in the same room with people that had a passion for the same thing as you. Have you seen The BTS Love Yourself World Tour In Seoul Movie? I saw it and it it was amazing all the fanchants and screams in the movie theatre, it honestly felt more like a concert than it did a movie (Closest i’m ever getting to a BTS concert 😦 ). My Bias is Namjoon by the way!

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