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I’m one of those people who love complaining about how they have a hundred passions and ideas that they want to bring to life, but they just can’t get themselves to fit in the time to work on their passion projects.

If you’re one of those people who want to do something specific and work on their passion project but have a main job or school/uni and can’t  make too much time for it, this one’s for you.

The other day, I came across this article.It talked about the concept of a “Morning Hustle”, and I was hooked!I thought it was such a genius idea that, infact, I had already known of, and that seemed very self explanatory at first, but it was something that I never really realised the power of.

In simple words, a morning hustle is an hour to a couple of hours in the morning that you only utilise for your passion projects.So, these 2 hours of your morning should be the first thing you look forward to every morning, apart from your morning workout or whatever else you’ve got planned first thing in the morning.You get the drill.

This concept basically shows us how we think we don’t have time for something, but if we make that thing a part of our daily routine, we’ll realise that there’s a lot of time available that we don’t use as well as we should.

All you gotta do is wake up earlier to work on your passions.The good thing about this is that unlike a “task”, this is your passion.So, you won’t ever feel like you “need to” wake up early to get this done, because you made the choice to, because it’s your passion project and you want to bring an idea to life that you’re really excited about and motivated to bring together.

I’ve made it one of my New Year’s resolutions to try to incorporate a morning hustle into my daily routine, where every morning, for a set amount of time, I work on my passions and only do what I love.A few hours when I just don’t think about Instagram, work, school, none of that.A few hours every morning when everyone I know is fast asleep but I’m up and awake, and all motivated to work on some creativity.

What’s one thing you really want to do, but you think you don’t have time for?

This is it for today’s post.I hope you can take away something valuable from this concept that I shared with you guys in this post.

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12 replies on “This new concept of “Morning Hustle” is a major LIFE CHANGER.

  1. I like to get up a little early and make a decent breakfast. I never used to do that. I would get out of bed and fly out the door because I was always oversleeping. I think getting up and writing a bit in the morning could be a good goal. The mind is still a bit fuzzy (for me) in the morning, so maybe I could write some interesting stuff. Lol

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  2. The idea of a ‘morning hustle’ sounds perfect for my type of schedule where there are some days where I don’t have work and I don’t have uni and often fall prey to just lying around doing nothing! I’ve had a few of these mornings in the last few months, I definitely find the summer weather so motivating to getting stuff done, and I always seem to come up with at least something to show some progress! That said, I’m also a huge night owl so I also benefit from going to bed stupidly late because I’ve been up all night working on projects either passion projects or school projects! This was a great blog post Nicca x

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