Me at the end of 2018: “I’m going to work SO hard and watch NO Netflix and workout ERRYDAY this year.I’m gonna have a leg day, and an arm day, and eat super healthy, and…..”

Me on Jan 1st: *Goes on a run in the morning, eats grass all day, works on blog night*

Me on Jan 2nd: *Wakes up at 2pm*



Hello, my good vibes tribe!Let’s talk about how to avoid the mess I talked about above.

How to avoid getting lazy and giving up on New Years Resolutions before the year ends(to be realistic, In the first week of Jan itself)?Keep reading to find out.

  1. Start slow.

Let’s say that your goal is to work out more often this year.Make sure to start slow, and ease into the routine.Remember, it takes more than a week to form a routine, so you might fall back a couple of times before you get into the habit.So, on your first couple of days, work out for half the time that you wanted to work out for.As you go further with this, increase the amount of time.

2.How bad do you want it?

Don’t just set something as a goal because everyone else is.If you truly could care less about watering your succulents, don’t set it as a goal to water them regularly next year.

If you truly don’t give a shit about going vegan(yes, this is coming from a vegan), don’t set it as a goal to try veganism.

If you don’t want something bad enough, you will not do it.In that case, it’s not a “burnout” or a “lazy feeling”, nor is it a “lack of determination”.It’s simply your inner self trying to tell you to stop wasting your time trying to achieve something you don’t want to, just because everyone else does.

If you truly want to grow your business, this year because it’s your passion, get that perfect score because you want to get into that dream uni, that’s when you’ll actually do it without ever complaining.

Working on something is WAY easier if it makes you happy.

3.Plan realistically

I always plan a ton of things believing that my lazy ass will actually get them done without messing up and falling back, and then that’s exactly what happens in the middle of the day-A fall back and a tired feeling.

To avoid this, make sure to set goals that you know you’ll do!

Along with planning your goals, writing down all the breaks and other “unproductive” but fun things you look forward to as part of the to-do list is very helpful too!Because that way, you have a reminder of the reward you’re looking forward to.

4.Set the vibe.

Re-do your room or work-space so it motivates you.Make it colourful, full of quotes that you live by, vision boards, posters of your idols, whatever it takes for you to feel positive, motivated, and comfortable in your room.

Follow people you look up to, read more self-help books, watch Podcasts.Switch the media you consume into something that’ll take you tiny steps further towards your goal.

Good Vibes are everything.Trust me.

5.Revise and look back.

Mid-year, Mid-day, Mid-week, however you like it.Go through your to-do’s & Planners often to check your progress.Make sure you remind yourself of the progress you keep making, because it will motivate you to make more progress!

And, I mean, there’s nothing more satisfying than checking things off your to-do list one by one ,like, “done, done, done.”.It’s the best thing ever.

6.Document it!

Document everything you’re doing for social media.Because when you put your decision and plan out in public for everyone to see, you’re more likely to complete the task because everyone knows you’re doing it and humans are people-pleasers like that.

It works really well, this one.I’ve tried it and I still document a lot of my personal and creative accomplishments on my Instagram(@nicculent).

What, you’re not on social media?No problem.Email me or talk to me in the comments’ section of this blog about your goals.I’d gladly help you with the motivation!

Speaking of which, subscribe to this blog for endless motivation and Good Vibes, yo.

I hope this helped you get some great things done this year.I love it when you guys accomplish your goals and tell me about it, it’s extremely motivating for me.

In one of my next few posts, I’ll be sharing my goals of 2019 with you guys!

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9 replies on “How to CRUSH your New Year’s Resolutions and Avoid Falling Back.

  1. Omg the beginning of this is literally ME. I’m useless. These are some really good tips, definitely agree with the one of being realistic – you have to set realistic timings otherwise you’ll never achieve things and end up giving up because your standards were unrealistic in the first place. Great post as always! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes this is such a good guide! I feel like a lot of people set a bunch of unrealistic and unreachable goals and wonder why they fail to achieve them. It’s good to challenge yourself of course but you have to balance it out with feasibility. And having an overview of your progress is SO important, it’s definitely something that keeps me motivated. Great post, I really enjoyed reading this! x

    Liked by 1 person

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