I started watching Kdramas in 2018.It was the best and the worst.

Best, because who doesn’t want to binge on some more Korean bois?

Worst, because damn, it’s addicting.

I watched a ton of Kdramas last year, and here are all of them.

1.Hi!School Love On


This was the first one that popped up in my suggestions’ box when I decided to try out a Kdrama, because everyone had been talking about it.

If you’ve watched a lot of Kdramas before, you’ll know that a plot can be way better than this for a high-school series.But I loved this one.It has a very chill, not much drama vibe.

Also, Lee Sung Yeol and Woohyun.OML.I can’t.

Because of this Kdrama and because I lowkey fell in love with Sung Yeol’s character, I found out that they’re both part of thr boyband Infinite.

And I got dragged into yet another fandom.We’re thriving with this Kpop obsession.

2.Who Are You?School 2015.


This was the second Kdrama I watched, and damn.I loved it.The plot was insane, and it showed a lot of the reality that is school.It talked about bullying, and a lot more.

Also, can we talk about how adorable their uniforms are?

The Female lead has a really mature vibe, if that makes sense.She acted REALLY well.

3.Oh My Venus

This one hit me in the FEELS.


This Kdrama is about how your appearance isn’t the only thing that matters, and it makes the point clear in a really simple way.

The actress, Shin Min-A did a REALLY good job.I wonder how she was this patient while dressing up as the main character.I mean, look at the difference.


In the picture to the left, Min-A is how she actually looks.In the other picture, she has makeup on.The makeup that makes her look heavier.

And oh, Henry and Sung Hoon.


4.Inheritors / The Heirs


This is a typical rich boy-poor girl Kdrama.It’s a story that a LOT of Kdramas have.But this one was unique in it’s own way.

This Kdrama introduced me to some of the best actors.

Park Shin-Hye!I’m so glad I came to know about her.



By far, the best Kdrama I’ve every watched.


If you’ve never watched a Kdrama before, or if you’re more into muder-mysteries than clichés and romances, you have to watch this one.

It introduced me to Go-Ara, and I instantly connected to her character.

It’s a perfect mix of a cold murder-mystery(my jam, Kdramas that have murder in them are totally my thing, I’m a tomboy when it comes to that), romance, and the supernatural.

6.Gab Dong

Oh, Lee Joon.


Could you guess by the picture above?Yes, it’s another murder story.

This Kdrama is so good, I wish more people knew about it!It’s a serial murder mystery, with a crazy story.It has a very dark  plot, which totally opposes the stereotype about “Kdramas only being cheesy cliché romances”.

It’s the second Kdrama with Kim Ji-Won that I’ve watched, and unlike in The Heirs, where she plays the role of a more rude, bold girl, in Gab-Dong, her character is the exact opposite.



I was initially a little sceptic about this, because unlike the other Kdramas I had watched, this is a story of the olden times, and based on a true story.

But because I had heard a lot of really cool stuff about it, and because it had Kim Tae-Hyung of BTS and I’m an A.R.M.Y, I decided to watch it.

And now it’s one of the best Kdramas I’ve ever watched.

This one taught me a lot about Korean History(which is super interesting tbh).It also has some of my favourite Korean actors and singers ever-Kim Tae-Hyung, Park Hyung-Sik, Go A-ra, and the rest of Hwarang.

It introduced me to Do Ji-Han and Park Seo-Joon, whose characters particularly stood out.

I mean, look at the duality of Ban-Ryu.


If you want to start watching Kdramas, you should totally watch this one to begin with.

8.My ID is Gangnam Beauty.


Another one that hit me in the feels.It talks about the things that Oh My Venus talk about, plus a lot more.

It’s based on the Webtoon, which introduced me to the world of Korean Webtoons.And I’m so glad I came to know about them.

It’s about a girl who gets a full face of plastic surgery done, because she was tormented for her appearance all her life and didn’t want to enter university with the same face that everyone in school hated her for.

There, she meets a boy who went to the same school as her, and she tries her best to deny the fact that she’s the same girl that he knew back in school.

Eventually though, he gets to know, and the story gets a lot more intense.

This Kdrama also introduces the topic of Eating Disorders and about how the urge to look perfect makes some of us do irrational things.

The supporting character played by Jo Woo-Ri, is of a pretty girl who is unhappy despite the fact that she looks perfect, because she actually has an ED.

9.Strong Girl Bong-Soon

Another Park Hyung Sik Kdrama, and oh my-Park Bo-Young.


This is a really popular Kdrama, about a girl, Do Bong-Soon, with superhuman powers that make her abnormally strong.

It’s an adorable story.

Have you guys watched any of these Kdramas?Comment below your reccomendations, because I’d love to check them out!

I’m also currently learning Korean, and I blog about my progress with Korean learning

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Ily, Tchao!



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